Imagine the Impossible │ Do the Incredible

TTJ Productions provides full service creative solutions. From AVL production solutions to stage design, event planning/management, post-production and facility management. We work hard to realize our clients vision. We fully believe that with each and every project we should: "imagine the impossible, and do the incredible." This is a call to say that nothing is impossible and that anything is doable.



Committed to Excellence

With a combined 40+ years of experience, We here at TTJ Productions know that the success of an event is determined by the success of each component and each team.  We are 100% committed to you, our client. Our master technicians, designers, and craftspeople are committed to your event's audio, video, and staging needs. Our success is measured by how well your event motivates, educates and inspires your audience!

Digital conference Technology

In partnership with ArchiteX, our Digital Conference Technology delivers a robust and seamless digital conference experience. By using existing platforms our event producers deliver a well packaged conference experience. General sessions with graphics, video presentations and a keynote speaker are streamed to all participants, During breaks and transitions, pre-produced videos can play messages from sponsors and in breakouts presenters can have the assistance of running materials with a video producer or have an open classroom style.




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